In these divided times that we are currently living in, the world is hungry for women to value their voices, understand how they uniquely add value to the world, and to sing out loud and proud. SuperYou the Musical is a story about a comic book artist who learns to love herself when her superheroine creations, who are all aspects of herself, come to life. Through the protagonist’s journey of self-discovery and an instantly singable modern pop/rock score, the show redefines the meaning of “superheroes” so that we notice and celebrate the world-changing “superpowers” we already have — our love, resilience, truth, mind power, perspective, confidence, and resilience.

The following video is a live taping of a brand, new anthem from SuperYou the Musical called, “We Are Awake”. It is performed by Kennedy Caughell and Brie Cassil on vocals, Lourds Lane on vocals and piano, and Caitlin Montclare on guitar.

The videos feature a dynamic cast of seasoned performers, many of whom are Broadway veterans: Kennedy Caughell, Lavon Fisher Wilson, Nicolette Hart, MiMi Ryder, Molly Tynes, Jason Gotay, Brie Cassil, Timothy Fraser, and Lourds Lane.


The book, music, and lyrics of SuperYou the Musical are written by Lourds Lane, a two-time TED speaker, an accomplished singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer, a two time Fred Ebb Musical Theater Songwriting Award Finalist (2012 and 2017), a Harvard honors grad, and the founder and curriculum creator of a global, educational non-profit called The SuperYou FUNdation (www. superyoufun.org). Lourds also co-stars in the musical as the electric violin-playing superhero “misfit” named “Rise.” View Lourds as “Rise” in the developmental run of the musical (formerly entitled Chix 6), as appeared in Forbes.



The themes of valuing your voice and stepping into your power in SuperYou the Musical is the inspiration behind a global educational non-profit called The SuperYou FUNdation (www.superyoufun.org). The SuperYou FUNdation teaches youth and adults how to find the “superhero” in themselves and others through writing, music, dance, art, and presentation, and has empowered over 100 schools worldwide.

Click above to read a TED update blog about Lourds Lane and The SuperYou FUNdation written by esteemed journalist and host of TEDWomen, Pat Mitchell.

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